Selection of our e-commerce logistics projects

Offering is one thing, but you also have to be able to deliver. Our successful track record is proof of how years of practical experience, a data-based approach and a comprehensive range of services can help e-commerce players to achieve sustainable growth.

Construction of a new logistics centre for an online fashion retailer

Manage the construction of a new 130,000 sqm. logistics centre in just 30 months? We show how this is achieved using the example of an online fashion retailer.

Benchmarking logistics costs for an e-commerce platform

We show an e commerce provider how it can set itself apart from competition in terms of logistics.

Outsourcing returns logistics for an online fashion shop

An online retailer wants to outsource its returns processing. We develop an outsourcing concept tailored to its needs.

Construction supervision and ramp-up planning for an online beauty specialist

We supervise the construction and ramp-up of a 28,000 sqm. logistics centre for an online beauty specialist.

Location search for a logistics centre of an online beauty store

Identify a location for an e commerce logistics centre in just four months? We show how this is achieved using the example of an online beauty store.

Logistics network analysis for a fashion supplier

A fashion specialist wants to set up a sustainable logistics network. We create the necessary foundation for this.

Hazardous materials warehouse for an online perfume retailer

It is difficult to set up a temporary storage facility for hazardous substances during a pandemic. RizonX manages just that in four months.

Performance optimisation for a logistics service provider

The warehouse systems operate far below target values. RizonX roots out the causes and fixes them.

Optimise picking for an online fashion retailer

An e commerce supplier wants to make its picking process more efficient. A job we gladly accept.

Intralogistics for an online furniture retailer

An online furniture retailer is building a new logistics centre. RizonX takes over the planning and implementation of intralogistics.