Process optimisation for e-commerce logistics

After the audit comes optimisation. RizonX is your expert when it comes to in-depth analysis of logistics processes in e-commerce and smart and efficient optimisation of these processes in practice.

Exploiting new potential with process optimisation from RizonX

All relevant key figures have been determined, the internal logistics team has been questioned in detail, central cost drivers have been identified, material flow diagrams and functional requirements analyses have been drawn up and now it’s time for the next step – the transfer of the analysis results into practice. But how can this step be taken without massively impairing regular operations and causing high costs in turn?

For many online retailers, this is a tough question to answer because they often have neither the capacity nor the time to carry out process optimisations in-house. External support is the solution here, but only from true specialists. We can help you to achieve process-optimised interaction of all areas in a smart and efficient approach designed to ensure lasting improved performance and sustainable success.

Your benefits with process optimisation from RizonX

  • Lower logistics costs (CPI, CPO)
  • Shorter throughput times
  • Data-based profitability assessment and feasibility analysis of identified optimisation areas
  • Complete rollout of process optimisations by industry experts
  • Preparation of practice-oriented test scenarios and SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)

The six steps to optimised logistics processes

Our approach

  1. Detailed analysis: Fine analysis of the areas identified for optimisation
  2. Concept: Preparation or updating of business cases for feasibility and economic viability
  3. Coordination: Coordination with logistics IT to evaluate and optimise control logics and process interfaces
  4. Redefinition: If necessary, redesign of processes with standardised procedures such as MTM (Methods-Time Measurement)
  5. Proof of concept: Preparation of test set-ups to demonstrate improvement
  6. Implementation: Technical support and ramp-up of optimised processes up to the go-live

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Successful examples of process optimisation projects

Performance optimisation for a logistics service provider

The warehouse systems operate far below target values. RizonX roots out the causes and fixes them.

Outsourcing returns logistics for an online fashion shop

An online retailer wants to outsource its returns processing. We develop an outsourcing concept tailored to its needs.

Optimise picking for an online fashion retailer

An e commerce supplier wants to make its picking process more efficient. A job we gladly accept.