Smart warehouse planning for e commerce

Rapid growth and high customer demands are pushing many online retailers to the limits of their storage capacities. This is where RizonX can help by planning smart and sustainable warehouses.

Warehouse planning with RizonX means maximum sustainability

The e-commerce boom and the growing focus on B2C customers have changed requirements for logistics centres. Today, online retailers have to permanently adjust their business model or product range, while consumer expectations regarding delivery time, availability and quality of the goods continue to rise. Warehouse planning is becoming increasingly complex with operating, investment and personnel costs also on the rise.
RizonX can help you to successfully master the challenges of warehouse planning. We can develop a data-driven strategy to ensure optimal warehouse performance, keep costs low and meet customer needs both today and into the future.

Your benefits with warehouse planning from RizonX

  • Lower logistics costs thanks to smart material flows and technologies
  • Maximum flexibility thanks to a sustainable strategy
  • Full transparency thanks to a data-based approach
  • Independent, results-oriented technology consulting
  • Full service from the initial strategy to implementation
  • High project security thanks to professional project management
  • Faster throughput times thanks to optimised processes and control options
  • Optimised inventory capacities thanks to efficient space utilisation, technologies and inventory allocation

The five steps to successful warehouse planning

Our approach

  1. Rough concept: List of all planning steps including needs analysis, technology comparison and budget planning
  2. Detailed planning: Conversion of the rough concept into material flow and investment planning, creation of detailed layouts and determination of central KPIs
  3. Call for tenders: Preparation of tender documents, comparison of suppliers, supplier acquisition, support during contract negotiations
  4. Simulation support: Support from scenario definition right through to the final result
  5. Project management: Monitoring of deadlines, budgets and quality

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Successful examples of warehouse planning projects

Hazardous materials warehouse for an online perfume retailer

It is difficult to set up a temporary storage facility for hazardous substances during a pandemic. RizonX manages just that in four months.

Intralogistics for an online furniture retailer

An online furniture retailer is building a new logistics centre. RizonX takes over the planning and implementation of intralogistics.

Construction of a new logistics centre for an online fashion retailer

Manage the construction of a new 130,000 sqm. logistics centre in just 30 months? We show how this is achieved using the example of an online fashion retailer.

Construction supervision and ramp-up planning for an online beauty specialist

We supervise the construction and ramp-up of a 28,000 sqm. logistics centre for an online beauty specialist.