Efficient outsourcing of e-commerce logistics

Do you want to handle logistics yourself or outsource it to an external service provider? RizonX can deliver the right answer to this important question. We are the partner you need when it comes to efficient outsourcing of logistics and in-house solutions.

Outsourcing logistics with RizonX gives you the flexibility to act and grow

More and more e-commerce providers are facing logistical bottlenecks due to their rapid growth. Added to this are higher consumer expectations: immediate availability of goods, same-day delivery, fast returns processing, all of which is taken for granted. Can outsourcing logistics be the key to more growth?
RizonX explains in clear terms all the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing logistics. We have all worked in the industry and we can advise you, as one expert to another, and develop precise analyses based on data-centric methods. Whether full-scale outsourcing or a mix of outsourcing and insourcing, we can help you find the most efficient way for your company to ensure its long-term competitiveness.

Your advantages when outsourcing logistics with RizonX

  • Sound decision support thanks to a data-based approach
  • Fully independent and needs-oriented advice
  • Improved quality and level of service
  • Higher liquidity thanks to lower capital commitment
  • Flexible growth and balancing during peaks in demand
  • Lower process costs
  • Complete focus on the core business without worrying about project management

The four steps to successfully outsource logistics

Our approach

  1. Analysis: Calculation of all economic advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing in a make-or-buy decision
  2. Strategy: Development of a custom and needs-based outsourcing concept
  3. Call for tenders: Search for a suitable service provider and contract negotiation
  4. Implementation and ramp-up: Planning, management and control of the entire project up to the go-live.

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Successful examples of outsourcing projects

Outsourcing returns logistics for an online fashion shop

An online retailer wants to outsource its returns processing. We develop an outsourcing concept tailored to its needs.

Hazardous materials warehouse for an online perfume retailer

It is difficult to set up a temporary storage facility for hazardous substances during a pandemic. RizonX manages just that in four months.