Bespoke warehousing strategy for e-commerce logistics

Finding the perfect balance between costs, investments and flexibility is the goal of every warehousing strategy. RizonX can help you to achieve just that. We are synonymous with smart warehousing strategies in e-commerce that ensure sustainable success for our customers.

Finding the perfect balance with warehousing strategies from RizonX

The warehousing strategy is paired with the network strategy to form an integrated logistics strategy. Comprising one or more intralogistics concepts, it is designed to ensure that each location perfectly fulfils its function in the network at all times, from the warehouse to the returns receiving department. And of course, always at the lowest possible cost.
In the highly dynamic world of e-commerce, a smart warehousing strategy is indispensable and poses a number of important questions: Does high or low automation pay off in the beginning? What about follow-up costs? Is flexibility guaranteed over time? How can I respond to changes in my product range? RizonX can deliver the answers you need by designing specifically tailored warehousing strategies that are both data-based and sustainable.

Your benefits with a warehousing strategy from RizonX

  • Excellent strategy in terms of costs, investments and flexibility
  • Greater customer satisfaction thanks to shorter delivery times
  • Long-term reduction in logistics costs
  • Avoidance of inter-warehouse transports
  • Sustainable solutions for long-term growth

The five steps to a smart warehousing strategy

Our approach

  1. Analysis: Documentation of the requirements and precise examination of all relevant structural data
  2. Definition: Identification of the desired level of service for the client
  3. Concept: Development of a rough concept for intralogistics across different locations
  4. Modelling: Creation of a data-based business case with a focus on costs, investments and lead times to the end customer
  5. Finalisation: Drafting of a decision paper with fleshed out recommendations for action for decision-makers and management

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Successful examples of warehouse strategy projects

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Manage the construction of a new 130,000 sqm. logistics centre in just 30 months? We show how this is achieved using the example of an online fashion retailer.

Logistics network analysis for a fashion supplier

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