Bespoke logistics property search for e-commerce

Fast growth calls for new space fast, especially in online retail. RizonX can help you to find logistics properties that are perfectly tailored to your needs and those of your customers.

Finding the right address for you with the property search service from RizonX

The search for logistics properties for e-commerce is often time-consuming and risky. Without the right knowledge, what might look like the ideal location could very well prove to be a real cost trap. RizonX has just the right know-how. We have years of experience in the search for logistics properties for online retail and we will accompany you from the strategic needs analysis and site evaluation right through to signing the lease or purchase contract. Whether it’s an existing property or a plot of land for a new building, we can find the right location for you.

Your benefits with a RizonX logistics property search

  • Entirely anonymous search
  • Absolute transparency thanks to independent industry experts
  • Customised property search based on the intralogistics concept
  • Time saving thanks to a fast and efficient site search
  • Lower costs with no real estate agent commission
  • High level of project security thanks to comprehensive inspection of the property

The four steps to successfully finding a new logistics property

Our approach

  1. Needs assessment: Identification of all requirements (e.g., region, intended use, logistics space, possibilities for expansion, etc.)
  2. Brownfield and greenfield projects: Search for a suitable property (brownfield) or land ready for construction of a new logistics centre (greenfield)
  3. Site analysis: Full service – from construction readiness check to infrastructure analysis and labour supply check
  4. Tender management: Customised search for project developer
    as well as process support from the tender to the lease contract

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Successful examples of property search projects

Hazardous materials warehouse for an online perfume retailer

It is difficult to set up a temporary storage facility for hazardous substances during a pandemic. RizonX manages just that in four months.

Location search for a logistics centre of an online beauty store

Identify a location for an e commerce logistics centre in just four months? We show how this is achieved using the example of an online beauty store.

Construction of a new logistics centre for an online fashion retailer

Manage the construction of a new 130,000 sqm. logistics centre in just 30 months? We show how this is achieved using the example of an online fashion retailer.