Process audit

Logistics processes are one of the central cost drivers for online providers. RizonX can transform them into a competitive advantage by auditing, analysing and optimising your process landscape with our data-based, efficiency-oriented approach.

Recognising new potential with process analyses by RizonX

In the world of e-commerce, optimal logistics processes reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction while inefficient processes do the very opposite. A data-based process audit from RizonX delivers maximum process transparency. We can analyse your logistics processes down to the smallest detail and show you where the potential can be found to reduce your logistics costs per unit. It goes without saying that we will also examine factors such as throughput speed, susceptibility to failure or errors, transparency and flexibility. When cleverly optimised, these classic cost drivers can guarantee your future success.

Your benefits with a process audit from RizonX

  • Maximum transparency about cost drivers
  • Significant boost in process quality
  • Benchmarks for processes and logistics costs
  • Proposals for new, more efficient processes
  • Fleshed out catalogue of measures to reduce logistics costs

The seven steps to a successful process audit

Our approach

  1. Initial consultation: Initial assessment of the global process quality, identification of key areas with potential for optimisation
  2. Audit: Review of processes on site, interviews with key individuals, review of process documents, qualitative assessment of all impressions
  3. Analysis: Review of all process data, scan events to visualise relevant influencing parameters and as a starting point for optimisation
  4. Comparison of the status quo, best practices and benchmarks for processes and logistics costs
  5. Recommended action: Final documentation with a target/actual comparison and catalogue of measures for process optimisation
    Our approach

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Successful examples of process audit projects

Construction of a new logistics centre for an online fashion retailer

Manage the construction of a new 130,000 sqm. logistics centre in just 30 months? We show how this is achieved using the example of an online fashion retailer.

Benchmarking logistics costs for an e-commerce platform

We show an e commerce provider how it can set itself apart from competition in terms of logistics.

Optimise picking for an online fashion retailer

An e commerce supplier wants to make its picking process more efficient. A job we gladly accept.

Performance optimisation for a logistics service provider

The warehouse systems operate far below target values. RizonX roots out the causes and fixes them.