Bringing out the best by optimising performance for a logistics service provider

The challenge

A global logistics service provider wants to increase its sorting performance for a pan-European e-commerce player. The technology has been fully implemented, substantial changes are no longer possible and everything is running – but for inexplicable reasons the promised performance target cannot be reached. RizonX goes in search of causes and uncovers new potential.

Our Solution

  • Comprehensive performance auditing of all processes and planning data
  • In-depth interviews with team leaders and workers
  • Performance review with ad hoc measurements on site
  • In-depth audit of the Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Technical consultation with suppliers
  • Identification of feasible optimisation strategies

Benefits for the client

  • Independent and data-based auditing by experts
  • Detailed road map for rapid increase in throughput
  • Catalogue of measures for reconfiguration of the automation technology and the WMS
  • Identification of additional potential for optimisation

Our services in this project

Optimieren heißt profitieren: RizonX bringt Logistikprozesse im E-Commerce auf ein neues Level – datenbasiert und effizient.