Simulation support for e-commerce logistics

Today, logistics simulation is essential for complex automation solutions. RizonX can accompany this process for you, ensuring that simulation of your intralogistics is both feasible and efficient.

Efficiency secured thanks to simulation support from RizonX

Logistics simulations are considered to be an essential part of developing complex automation projects. They are designed to increase the economic benefit of a logistics system with data-based scenarios and provide the best possible planning security for their implementation. But what happens if the scenarios entered do not reflect reality? And what if the automation concept developed does not perform as planned under real conditions? RizonX can stop this from happening in the first place. As proven experts in e-commerce logistics and real data specialists, we can accompany the simulation of your logistics project during every single phase. This ensures that your project does not become a ‘worst case’ but instead results in ‘best practice’.

Your benefits with simulation support from RizonX

  • Independent management of the entire simulation project
  • Precise quality control at every stage by true experts
  • Ensuring the best-possible result for the client
  • Ensuring the functionality of sub concepts for automation solutions
  • Analytical and design consistency between input, modelling and output
    to achieve a high degree of accuracy and an ideal price-performance ratio
  • Performant control logics for future material flow computers

The five steps to successful monitoring of logistics simulations

Our approach

  1. Project control: Assumption of a liaison function between the simulation service provider, planning and the client’s logistics team
  2. Communication: Sharing and documenting all design decisions with the stakeholders involved
  3. Data room creation: Provision of the input variables for the simulation taking into account already existing mass data
  4. Simulation support: Cooperation with simulation service provider on code level and support in the development of efficient control logics
  5. Analysis and interpretation: Evaluation of the simulation results, structured reproduction of key messages and definition of the strategy

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Successful examples of simulation support projects

Construction of a new logistics centre for an online fashion retailer

Manage the construction of a new 130,000 sqm. logistics centre in just 30 months? We show how this is achieved using the example of an online fashion retailer.