Sustainable network strategies in e-commerce logistics

Adaptable logistics networks form the basis for sustainable growth and maximum customer satisfaction. RizonX provides the foundation for this by developing flexible network strategies for your e-commerce – data-based, practical and future-oriented.

Network strategies from RizonX are sustainable right down to the last detail

Besides the warehousing strategy, the network strategy is an essential component of any integrated logistics strategy. The type, size, number and location of the logistics sites, as well as their mutual interaction, must be designed to facilitate a quick and efficient response to market changes and to ensure that consumer needs can be fully met at all times.
Many e-commerce providers iteratively approach a network strategy that is perceived to be the best possible option. However, it makes far more sense and is certainly much more economical to adopt a solid foundation right from the start. This is where RizonX can help. We have developed data-based network strategies that can be perfectly adapted to the needs of your company and have proven themselves in practice – both now and in the future.

Your benefits with a network strategy from RizonX

  • Lower costs and shorter lead times
  • Boost in customer satisfaction
  • Excellent basis for future decisions regarding timing and location
  • Ideal tool for developing control logics for product ranges
  • Combined with a warehousing strategy to form an integrated logistics strategy from a single source

The five steps to a sustainable network strategy

Our approach

  1. Identification: Preparation of a customer-specific catalogue of requirements and identification of needs-based strategy concepts
  2. Definition: Specification of the individual strategy concepts and selection of the most suitable models
  3. Quantification: Comparison of the selected strategy models in terms of efficiency, flexibility, costs and other relevant target parameters
  4. Evaluation: Evaluation of the quantified variants and formulation of a clearly understandable basis for decision-making
  5. Finalisation: Determination and fine-tuning of the optimal strategy, preparation of a roadmap for short, medium and long-term goals

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Successful examples of network strategy projects

Logistics network analysis for a fashion supplier

A fashion specialist wants to set up a sustainable logistics network. We create the necessary foundation for this.