No cherry picking:
Optimising order picking for an online fashion retailer

The challenge

Order picking, i.e. retrieving items for shipment to the end customer, is often one of the biggest cost drivers in e-commerce logistics. The more diverse the product range, the more sensitive the goods, the more factors influence storage, the more time-consuming and cost-intensive picking becomes.

This is also the experience of one of the leading online suppliers of designer fashion whose goods require complicated storage, while IT support is insufficient. The retailer therefore commissions RizonX to optimise the process to make it profitable both in the short and long term.

Our Solution

  • Data-based process analysis and in-depth interviews with order pickers on site
  • Identification of central parameters and KPIs
  • Identification of solutions based on benchmarks and best practice
  • Preparation of a catalogue of measures for the technical department for process optimisation

Benefits for the client

  • Transparent basis for short and long-term process optimisation
  • Uncovering previously unknown cost drivers
  • Significant short-term savings thanks to intelligent process design
  • Savings of up to 5% in cost-intensive personnel expenses
  • High acceptance on the part of order pickers thanks to immediate integration into the process

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