Outsourcing returns logistics for an online fashion shop

The challenge

Up to 110,000 items – that’s the number of returns an exclusive German online fashion shop has to process every day. An impressive number and a considerable amount of work too. In order to increase its efficiency and reduce costs, the company is considering

outsourcing returns management to a service provider. The product range is of high quality, so prudence and expertise are required when choosing a supplier. RizonX takes the reigns with success.

Our Solution

  • Tight project management across all project phases
  • Detailed calculation of the total costs (TCO) for a five-year period
  • Europe-wide screening of suitable service providers
  • Supervision of tendering procedures from preparation to contract conclusion
  • Process optimisation and redesign of existing warehouse capacities
  • Coordination and supervision of implementation and ramp-up

Benefits for the client

  • Total costs reduced by over 20%
  • Project completed after 11 months
  • Full adherence to timing and budget
  • First returns processing by service provider only eight months after the project started
  • Significantly improved process quality thanks to redesign
  • More satisfied consumers thanks to faster refunds

Our services in this project