Warehouse Planning

How do Amazon do it?

Due to the rapid growth in e-commerce and the customers’ increasing demands on delivery time, availability and quality of goods, the requirements for the warehouse planning increase as well. Logistics centres used to be predominantly characterised by pallet logistics for B2B customers. Nowadays, especially through the development of e-commerce and the focus on B2C, the degree of complexity increased massively with a rising cost pressure, growing competition and a decrease of availability of work force. Hence intelligent warehouse planning must be oriented to the needs of the end customer with the possibility to adjust to changes in the business model.

Our offer:

  • Rough Concept - requirements analysis, parameter determination, technology comparison, budget planning, determination of needed space

  • Detailed Planning - material flow and investment planning, creation of detail layout, calculation of logistics costs, lead times, personnel requirements

  • Tendering - creation of tender documents, addressing of suppliers, reconciliation of details, comparison of providers, preparation of decision documents for the management, support during contract preparation and negotiation

  • Simulation Support - independent guidance from scenario definition to end results

Your advantages:​

  • Project Security - professional project management of deadlines, budget and quality assurance

  • Reduction of Logistics Costs - finding of potential optimisation for more efficient processes through intelligent material flows and reasonable utilisation of technology

  • Reduction of Lead Times - lean processes not only reduce costs but also decrease the lead time to supply the customers even faster

  • Optimisation of Inventory Capacities - higher space utilization through increased storage density, appropriate use of technologies and intelligent stock allocation to reduce logistics costs

We are looking forward to your project.

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