Implementation and Ramp-Up

The contract with the supplier is signed, what could go wrong? In fact, pretty much everything!

After finalising the planning phase another challenge for complex construction and logistics projects follows: implementation and realisation. Only through an efficient and strategic execution of your project you can be sure not to waste any resources. Effective project management, technical know-how and solution-oriented communication is the key for successfully realizing the project.

Our offer:

  • Project Management - ensuring of a sustainable interface management, project guidance and observance of deadlines, budget and quality

  • Technical Know-How - content management of suppliers and coordination with building trades, evaluation of layouts and concepts, controlling of assembly work, execution of functional tests

  • Ramp-Up Support - setting up and executing the Go-Live phase, after prior creation of SOPs and an efficient staff plan

Your advantages:​

  • Project Security - meeting deadlines, budgets and quality

  • Communication - proactive and solution-oriented communication at all levels according to the principle of "purpose first, ego second"

  • Expertise - reliable experts in the areas of construction, automation, shelving systems and general logistics technology

We are looking forward to your project.

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