Network Design

If you do not fix your network now, it will come back to haunt you.

The design of your network is a key success factor for your daily operations. Such networks can range widely in quality and while some aspects tend to be more tangible (such as network speed and cost) others are not as obvious (flexibility, transparency, complexity, scalability, etc.). On top of the sheer immense variety of possible set-ups, the proper running and scaling of your network can turn out to be just as challenging. Gain a maximum level of value out of location decisions and capacity planning. Turn to us to get top-notch support in evaluating, (re)designing or simply running your network.

Our offer:

  • Design Decisions - identification, definition and evaluation of matching network setups, as well as support in rolling out changes

  • Location Decisions - computation of optimal locations for any given network node on the desired level of complexity

  • Capacity Decisions - planning security and transparency of future capacity development, deriving ramp-up timeline under consideration of capacity demand curves (static and dynamic)

  • Outsourcing Decisions - strategic and analytical evaluation of different setups, including scenario assessments, rollout plans and tendering processes

Your advantages:​

  • Knowledge Transfer - opportunity for your staff to benefit from several years of experience in network design and analysis and build internal know-how

  • Neutral Standpoint - beneficial network set-up as result of optimisation of customer- and/or company-driven variables

  • Adequate Prioritization - dedicated expert ensuring constant pace on the network strategy project, without resource competition through daily business

  • Eye Level Consulting - cooperation with e-commerce professionals that are up to speed and able to match your expectations

We are looking forward to your project.

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