Maximum customer satisfaction! Based on this claim, rizonX has specialized as a logistics consultancy in the field of e-commerce.


What distinguishes us from other consultancies is our many years of operational experience with leading e-commerce players, which has enabled us to understand the specifics of the industry in order to develop optimal and sustainable solutions.

Our approach for successful e-commerce consulting: e-com excellence, customer centricity, sustainability.

„What you can´t measure does not exist.“

Successful e-commerce companies are fundamentally different from classic businesses in terms of growth and working method. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are the ideal partner for e-commerce logistics.

• Specialization in e-commerce

• Great expertise through best practices in supply chain and operations

• Focus on detailed data analysis (data driven)

• Minimization of costs and lead times

„Make the client's customers happy.“

Customer satisfaction (NPS) is the key to success and growth in e-commerce. Therefore, we concentrate in all areas primarily on the satisfaction of the end customer.

• Detailed customer understanding through many years of customer experience
• Alignment of all processes to the needs of end customers (backward planning)
• Maximizing customer satisfaction

„Work like you want to live.“

Sustainability means taking responsibility for oneself and others. Therefore, together with our customers, we develop sustainable solutions based on measurable criteria.

• Simple and lean processes for less use of resources and greater customer value
• Growth-oriented and sustainable solutions
• Employee-focused process and workplace design 


Stephan von Scheel

Stephan is Managing Partner at rizonX and has been working in logistics since 2011. Before founding rizonX he spent seven years at Zalando, being responsible for building up their European logistics network, featuring eight locations in five countries, and managing an overall project volume of 700mn EUR.

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Patrick de Jong

Prior to founding rizonX, Patrick spent over seven years working on Logistics Analysis for Deutsche Post DHL and Zalando. His professional focus besides analytics is automation design & network strategy.

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